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An exterior view of Bloom Apartments South Coast, with a sidewalk and lush greenery in the surroundings.
Bloom South Coast Co-work Lounge
A living room featuring a white sofa and a wooden center table, alongside a kitchen area equipped with two high chairs and a refrigerator

Transform Your Santa Ana Apartment into a Smart Home

Using the latest smart home technology is easy. Our simple hacks aim to make your apartment more convenient and efficient. Not a tech enthusiast? No problem. These smart home essentials for renters are a breeze to use and will simplify your life at Bloom South Coast Metro Apartments.

Smart Home Technology for Your Apartment

Smart Lighting

You can control smart bulbs from Philips Hue or LIFX via smartphone, voice commands, or automated schedules. They offer customizable colors and brightness levels, enhancing both ambiance and energy efficiency. Smart plugs can make any standard lamp smart without needing to change the bulb. The setup is seamless! 

Smart Thermostats

Maintain a comfortable temperature in your apartment while keeping energy costs low. Devices such as the Google Nest Thermostat or the Ecobee SmartThermostat learn your schedule and adjust the temperature for you. You can also make changes from your phone to ensure your home is the exact temperature you want when you arrive home.

Voice Assistants

Manage all your smart home devices with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Control your lights, thermostat, and security systems with simple voice commands. Set reminders, play music, or get weather updates. Your daily tasks have never flowed so well.

Smart Plugs and Outlets

Smart plugs and outlets can control everything from coffee makers to fans from your smartphone or via voice command. They also offer scheduling features. By running your devices only when needed, you save on energy and costs.

Smart Entertainment

Smart TVs integrate with your other smart home devices. Operate them all while watching a movie, the game, or the news. Most ofl your home’s apps and services can be used with streaming devices like the Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. Turn any TV into a smart TV.

Get Ready to Watch the Magic Happen at Your Santa Ana Home

Adapting these devices doesn’t require major renovations or a permanent commitment. Let these smart home essentials for renters bring you the ease and joy of modern technology. At our Santa Ana apartments, integrating smart home technology is practical and exciting.

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