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A woman organizing her bedroom and decluttering her wardrobe

The Top Tips and Tricks to Declutter Your Apartment

Your look for easy and innovative tips to stay organized inside your home stops here. By implementing these tricks and tips to declutter, you can witness your Santa Ana apartment transform before your eyes. Follow our decluttering guide to achieve a life of comfort in your home.

Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

One In, One Out

A simple rule is “One In, One Out.” This means that when a new item or piece of clothing comes into your apartment, one you don’t use gets thrown out. This helps you to keep a balanced home and allows you to be more conscious about your expenses and the objects you have in your apartment. 

Adopting this easy trick to declutter your home makes you more thoughtful of your previously purchased items. We’ve all been caught up in buying decorating items like pillows or throw blankets, just to realize we don’t have a general idea of the style we’re looking for in our home. When you declutter, you start to see your place as a whole and not as individual areas. This trick helps you save money by helping you with your purchase habits and keep your space clutter-free.

A Step at a Time

It’s easy to get swept with emotion and attempt to declutter your whole apartment in one go. However, this might be too big of a task, leaving you tired, demotivated, and with the decluttering half-done. Allow yourself to take your time and breaks. There’s no need to tackle your whole apartment in a day. The goal is to stay focused and motivated.

To successfully achieve your decluttering goals, you want to break it down into smaller tasks for an easy win. Organize your desk or clean up your drawers. These small 10-minute victories still take you closer to achieving your overall objective. 

Find New Purposes

Remember an easy trick that never goes out of style: finding a new purpose for the items in your home you don’t reach for anymore. The only objects that should be around your place are the ones that bring you joy, the ones that have a designated area, and the ones that you’ve used at least once in the last six months. 

When using our tips and tricks to declutter, remember to check if the items you’re disposing of are suitable for donation. Perhaps some things don’t have a purpose for your lifestyle or apartment anymore, but someone else will enjoy it and take care of it. 

Your Luxury Apartment in Santa Ana

Adapt our easy tips and tricks to declutter your home and see how simple it is to keep your Santa Ana apartment like new. Try to enjoy the process and remember that a clutter-free space is a happy space. Happy cleaning! 

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