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An exterior view of Bloom Apartments South Coast, with a sidewalk and lush greenery in the surroundings.
Bloom South Coast Co-work Lounge
News - Back to nature: Discover Newport Back Bay

Back to nature: Discover Newport Back Bay

Living at Bloom is all about life in balance. That’s a big part of the naturally modern and active lifestyle here. Only a short drive from us is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Orange County to unwind, or have a jog, bike ride, or relaxing stroll. The Newport Back Bay, or “Back Bay” as it is known, is the perfect urban escape with over 1,000 acres or preserved natural beauty that’s home to over 200 endangered species and 35,000 migratory birds. The 10.5-mile Back Bay Loop is popular among locals who appreciate fresh bay breezes and gorgeous Southern California sunsets. You can also rent kayaks at the Newport Aquatic Center to enjoy a closer look and get in some scenic exercise too. Follow your wildflower bliss anytime when you live at Bloom.

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